Danish police say several people have been hit by gunshots at a shopping mall

July 03, 2022

Police in Denmark say several people have been hit by gunshots at a shopping mall in Copenhagen.

The shooting took place at the Field's shopping centre, one of the largest in Scandinavia.

"One person has been arrested in connection with the shootings," Copenhagen police tweeted, adding: "We currently cannot reveal more about the person's identity."

The police said they had a large presence on site.

They have scheduled a press briefing regarding the event for 7.45pm UK time.

"We are still massively present in Field's and working to secure the entire building. If you are still in Fields, stay where you are and wait for the police."

Local media has reported that three people have been admitted to a trauma centre at one of Copenhagen's main hospitals.

Footage broadcast by Denmark's TV2 showed a man being put on a stretcher.

Copenhagen's Lord Mayor Sophie Andersen tweeted: "Terrible reports of shooting in Fields. We do not yet know for sure how many are injured or dead, but it is very serious.

"The emergency preparedness for Copenhagen has been called," she added, we understand in reference to the municipality's crisis response plan.

Reuters photographs show people running away from the mall, including families with young children.

Another shows armed police standing by an ambulance on the street outside.

The number of people who have been injured has not been announced.

Photographs shared by local media organisations show heavily armed police attending the scene and at least ten ambulances.

The British singer Harry Styles was expected to perform at 7pm UK time this evening at a venue close to the mall.

In a Snapchat message, he wrote: "My team and I pray for everyone involved in the Copenhagen shopping mall shooting. I am shocked."

The concert promoter Live Nation said the concert would still take place at 8pm.

"We are aware that the roads around the arena are closed and that it may take longer to get to the concert," it warned.

"Our security staff are in close dialogue with the police who are in control of the situation.

"The police have also given the go ahead for the concert to proceed as planned.

"We're showing the audience into the arena as quickly and quietly as possible, and there are already over half of the audience seated. We wish you all a good concert," they added.

The Danish Royal Family announced that they had cancelled a dinner which had been planned to celebrate the opening stage of the Tour de France in Denmark.

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